Thursday, March 22, 2012


Tali here. I started my day out as usual. Got let outside to do my business, ate breakfast, ran around the house a little. But then, Carma put me back in my bed and kenneled up Suri and Saya WITHOUT me! Mom came and let me out of my bed and grabbed my collar!!! Now, I can't just let her put the collar on me, that would be too simple. First I have to run around with the first available toy and whine for a while. Then, I just might let her grab me, but I still have to make it hard for her to put my collar on.

So, I get outside and get in the car. I don't really care for riding in the car so much, but I'm hoping that I get to go for a run. No such luck. I end up having to go to work with Mom. I've only been there once before, so I sniff everything out to make sure it's an okay place.

An hour later, Mom takes me back out to the car! Are we going for a nice run? Nope. She takes me to another building with other animals and lots of people. I get taken into a shinny room where two strangers PICK ME UP. I don't really care for this. They make me lay on my back in this weird bed and then some guy starts shaving my belly! If that wasn't bad enough, he plops some cold stuff on my newly shaven belly and starts pushing it around. The worst part of it was that they found out I've been faking being pregnant. They probably won't give me extra food now.

So, they let me down and I think that Mom is going to get me out of here. Not so. They take me into another shinny room, put me on this metal bed, and then the thing MOVES. It goes up away from the floor. Then, I get poked and prodded. The guy that shaved me looks at my teeth, clips my nails, looks in my ears (which hurt because my left ear is infected) and then pokes me with needles. Twice. Finally, the metal bed starts moving back towards the ground and I get a TREAT!

Mom goes and stands in the front room for a while talking to this lady. There were some other dogs out there and they got taken into the shinny rooms. I was worried about them because they yelped a lot. I was really happy when Mom got me out of there. I was even glad to get back to the office.

Now Becca is at the office and she brought a miniature person with her, so I'm going to go investigate that.

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